Yes, I believe the climate has changed. The east winds now prevalent were not here during the last half of the previous century. In the 1970s I remember six continual weeks of fog in the valley. No sun for 6 weeks! Winter winds brought higher humidity from the south.

However, I do not believe there is an immediate climate crisis brought about by excess CO2 and fossil fuels used here in the US. If anything, China as well as other such industrial countries willingly produce much more CO2 with no attempt at regulation.

To back up my climate change beliefs, many scientists take an anti-climate change position. You will not hear much about them in the news. Also, I spent the months of August, 1953-1957, camping and hiking in and around Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite National Park. On a day hike with ranger naturalist Will Neely we glissaded down the Dana Glacier after crossing its small initial crevasse.

Will commented that this glacier had been receding over the last half century or more and that it would soon be gone. It is now not a glacier. In other words, the warming of the climate is not a sudden event. In fact, there have been many ice ages and warming periods in past millenniums.

Don’t get me wrong. I believe that we are stewards of this earth, animal and plant life included. It bothers me when developers clear land and build condos and subdivisions on good ag land. When the Carrier Pigeon was annihilated, as well as the buffalo, that was not good stewardship of animal populations. I am certainly not against hunting and fishing. Because grazing animals are kept for the needs of human populations there is often a need for their protection against wild predators. Game hunting is controlled by Fish and Wildlife to control animal populations on land and sea.

It is sad, indeed, when end-of-the-world climate scares are perpetrated and become political tools for selfish ends. International accords are held condemning opposing views. Media outlets succumb to the hysteria of the Green Party and other environmental groups such as the Sierra Club that oppose realistic stewardship measures. An unacceptable level of hatred and arrogance is fomented against alternative views given by well-educated and experienced scientists. There has been much “dirty” money made from apocalyptic climate change prophecies made by political activists that care very little for the actual stewardship of our environments.


Art Fruhling,

Yuba City

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