A shocking statement from Yuba County Supervisors Leahy and Bradford:  “…the committee believes it is important to put aside personal and community beliefs.”  What the heck is this?  Well, it is just one of the misleading justifications these pro-marijuana supervisors are using to promote commercial marijuana in Yuba County.  Supervisors Leahy and Bradford are the two supervisors serving on the Ad-Hoc Committee formed to explore and review applicable laws and operations related to cannabis. They presented their report to the Board of Supervisors, on April 10, 2019. Almost any reader of the report would realize their intent was not just to “review applicable laws and operations,” but to also make recommendations on adopting Yuba County regulations allowing for the sale and growing of large scale outdoor and indoor  marijuana. They exceeded their authority and they did so using questionable methods. 

Their very first and only public meeting in Yuba County was an indicator of their intent to produce a report with a predetermined outcome. Supervisor Leahy had personally telephoned and invited a Sacramento-based marijuana advocate, while at the same time not providing the same courtesy to local opponents of commercial marijuana. They tried to pack the audience at the expense of local residents. Supervisor Bradford also demonstrated his bias against factual evidence by stating that local residents are split on the issue. He made no acknowledgement and still does not, of the fact that Yuba County residents/voters recently voted down three pro-marijuana Yuba County Measures and the State Proposition 64. I guess, he just decided to “put aside” information not supporting his agenda.

Again and again found throughout their report are unbalanced non-public meetings and assumptions made without supporting facts. Take for example their meeting with District 10 farmers and email responses from Southern Yuba County Farmers. The verbal responses from District 10 farmers are lukewarm, at best, to the concept of commercial marijuana growing. But the written comments from South County Farmers are numerous and damning. One such example: “outdoor cannabis cultivation in Yuba County is an invitation to trouble. Crime, theft, increased violence and the degradation of what we have worked so hard to accomplish to improve this area will become a factor.” Did Supervisor Bradford not hear his own constituents’ comments, did he just put them aside?

Another example is their selective visit to a pro-marijuana minority supporter,   Supervisor Garamendi in Calaveras County.  Why didn’t they visit the majority Supervisors that voted to rescind that county’s short lived ordinance allowing for large outdoor marijuana grows?  The majority rescinded that crdinance because of the very large influx of marijuana growers that: would not register, caused massive environmental damages and crime increases including shotgun shootings in the streets. 

Call the Board of Supervisors’ office, at 749-7510, and request a copy of the 21 page report. Learn for yourself the dangers these two supervisors are attempting to inflict on Yuba County!

Buck Weckman

Stop Commercial POT 


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