The whole world has assumed that the most prudent course of action is to fight the virus with fury. Hence, school closings, shelter-in-place requirements, cancellation of sporting events, restaurants and bars shuttered, travel restrictions, etc.

No one seems bold enough to forecast the fatalities and despair that are sure to occur if our mitigation efforts are the root cause of the next Great Depression.  

Millions across our nation live paycheck to paycheck and will soon be unable to provide food and shelter. Cooks, food servers, daycare staff, Uber drivers, housekeepers, janitors....the list goes on.  

Who,  pray tell, is weighing the consequences of our mitigation efforts against the collateral damage which is sure to follow?

Supposedly no U.S. citizen died from starvation during the Great Depression; however, malnutrition undoubtedly triggered an unknown number of illnesses and deaths. Increased crime and violence are imminent outcomes of a depression.

We’ve all seen pictures of the long soup lines common in the Depression Era. Is this where we are headed?

At what point do the mitigation measures themselves become our worst enemy?

My fear is that point is already behind us.

Rich Gabel,

Yuba City

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