I am writing in response to Joe Fedor’s letter “County Service” (Sept. 18, 2020). I understand Mr. Fedor’s frustration; however, one should look at some facts before accusing people of doing their job poorly. 

Let me state some facts for everyone so they can make a fair educated judgement. Facts: 

(1) The grass Mr. Fedor is speaking of is high and could possibly be a fire hazard.

(2) “The new homes built just behind the wall” *note the wall is at least 6 foot tall and made of noncombustible concrete/cinder block material which makes a fairly good firebreak.

(3) End of March 2020 Yuba County began shutting down due to COVID-19 and is still partially closed today. Things are slower everywhere not just Yuba County, due to the nationwide shutdown. Even Amazon Prime is taking up to a week and a half for deliveries instead of 1 or 2 day delivery.

(4) April 1, Chief Webb retired and Chief Heggstrom became the new Chief.

(5) Linda Fire has deployed engines and strike team leaders to several fires in the state and are still out on them.

(6) Mr. Fedor has lived in Plumas Lake for one year.

(7) Mr. Fedor fought fires for over 25 years and worked for the USFS. Mr. Fedor said while working for USFS “when we saw a safety problem we took care of it right away.”

Mr. Fedor now we have some facts. Let’s discuss the issue. I am a retired fire captain of 32

years and lived in this area for 53 years; I am familiar with the area you are speaking of. When

did you notice the high weeds? I bet the weeds were high during May-July, why did you wait

until August or September (fire season) to make a complaint? Was the Fire Chief on a strike

team when you called? You being a veteran firefighter you would agree if the Chief was on a

strike team his concentration should be on the fire he is at. I have no doubt Linda Fire made

contact with you prior to your letter being published. The fire department has laws they have to

follow, one of them is after the department notifies a property owner(s) about the high weeds

they have to give them ample time to correct the problem. Yuba County property owner(s) are

public record. Being Yuba County services have a “laid back attitude,” you could have always

resorted to your USFS habits: if you saw a safety problem you could have taken care of it right

away and notified the property owners of the problem. You have lived in Plumas Lake for only

one year and Yuba County has been affected by COVID for nearly 7 months out of that year. I

feel you are not giving Yuba County and Linda Fire a fair opinion on how well they are

performing. Collect as many facts that you can and instead of bringing problems bring solutions.



Dave Gothrow, department line officer (retired),


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