We have lived in Plumas Lake, almost a year; I find all county services to be real slow in doing anything!

We live in the Sonoma Ranch of Lennar Homes. There is a bike path, or should I say was a bike path until PG&E trucks ruined the bike path, making it unusable. They supposedly are brokering a deal with the county to redo it so it fits their standards, too. So far, like everything else here, no dates or info on the replacement of the trail.

Then there’s the weed abatement along both sides of our bike path, it was mowed down last year when we moved in. The dry high grasses are now from 2 feet high to over 6 feet high, right up to the train tracks. If there was a fire, on a windy day it would take out people’s fences and new homes being built along the pathway. Some homes are just now being framed. We have 2 story homes at the back side of the property just now being framed, it would be a pile of match sticks if they were to go up! 

The new homes built just behind the wall always have their windows wide open, as are their doors, because trades are working in those homes -- another fire, waiting to happen. I fought fires over 25 years with the USFS; when we saw a safety problem we took care of it right away. Yuba County seems to take the laid back attitude, oh, we’ll get to it, I’ll call you back with our plan. They never do! This included the Chief of Linda Fire. Never hear a word from the head of Weed Abatement! It’s sad, they are all on notice that they have been warned about the danger, I’ll be the first to say, “Told You So!”


Joe Fedor,

Plumas Lake

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