As of last week, Y-S was #2 and #3 in high Covid cases in the state. I don’t consider this an enviable position.

Our vaccination rates are low. I believe our Public Health Departments have tried multiple ways to reach the hesitant portion of our population. Now we are left with the “Willingly Unvaccinated” roaming our society and spreading disease.

We have placed first, and last, in multiple rankings over the years. None of these rankings positively reflect our community. It is time to change that.

We cannot and will not recruit new business and industry to provide good paying jobs if we persist in staying in our current state. Our local Covid rates will continue to generate the negative perception that will limit good job creation here.

I have listened to call-in shows and I am perplexed at those who claim they can’t get reliable vaccination information. It is time to turn off your favorite misinformation sources. I recommend: a) This Week in Virology on YouTube for people who have a basic understanding of science. b) Dr. Osterholm from the University of Minnesota also has great information. c) Doctors from UC San Francisco (UCSF) have great information that is easy to digest.

If you prefer conspiracy theories and fake scientific information, that is your choice. In this country you are free to choose misinformation. I am asking you to choose reliable information.  Talk to your personal doctor or healthcare provider instead of reading garbage online.

In my lifetime, we eradicated polio, by mass vaccination and mandates. If you’re not old enough to remember deaths, patients in iron lungs, and years of physical therapy, please research this.

We need to put this virus in the rear view mirror and move toward business and societal prosperity. If you keep choosing not to be vaccinated, and/or refuse non-pharmaceutical methods like masking and social distancing, you are the problem and not the solution.

I refuse to cry over the deaths and serious disease of the unvaccinated who have made that choice. We need to cull that part of the herd. But I will continue to cry over the deaths and serious illness of children and the medically fragile because a certain segment of our society care only about themselves and not their community.

We are better than this. Or at least that is what we tell ourselves.


Karen Hess, 

Yuba City

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