Speaking for myself, I’m not getting a clear “picture” of the totality of the COVID problem in our twin counties!  

In today’s A-D, Wed. 30th.: we have 2892 total cases, 19 deaths, 14 hospitalized, and 42 recovered.  Subtracting the above categories from the total cases provides 2817 “others.”  What is their status?  Never contracted COVID?  Had it - didn’t know it - and recovered?  Or some other category?

How many tests have been processed throughout the counties?  Nineteen  deaths out of 2892 cases gives a fatality-rate of close to .4%.  I would think this is close to that of families swimming in the local rivers each summer.

What would be the fatal-rate percentage of calculating the 19 deaths with the Yuba-Sutter population of 175,640?  That would be more than a few zeros past the decimal point!

I have never startled a statistics professor with my math skills, so what am I overlooking? 

The data provided by the county is woefully insufficient for me!

Another concern I have is the frequent reports across the US, is the “fudging-up” of the death counts!

My opinion only, is COVID-19 didn’t lock-down the country, the government did!  And yes, I wear a mask! But then, I’m from Hammonton.


Larry “Dude” Green,

Yuba City

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