Well, it is a fact!  Many, many people are sick, and far too many have died!  But it has also become a sad farce.

COVID-19 morphed from a serious, national health risk to a politically controlled “contest!”  Early on, “The Trumpster” banned travel from China.  “Uncle Joe” called Pres. Trump a racist, etc. Then later, he says: “I would have banned them sooner.”  Dr. Fauci first said: “It’s not a serious problem.”  Then: “wear a mask, you’ll be safe.”  Other “experts” say the mask is just a feel-good, patriotic thing to do.

Main Stream News says hundreds of thousands of people will die in a month!  Later that dire prediction was considerably reduced, then reduced again!  They convinced many of us citizens that “no mask, catch Corona, you’re dead in a few days!! So now we have fights in grocery stores between “Maskers” and “No maskers.”  Some “experts” say the overall survival rate is 98.8%.  And folks 80 years or older (like me) are at high risk, get your effects in order!  But some 90 year olds have survived.  And there’s that comorbidity thing!

Business restrictions:  Big Box Stores – you’re good to go.  Mom & Pop stores – got to close.  Barber Shops and Nail Salons – “shut er down.”   Pot Shops - go for it!  Many small shop owners have lost their business forever!  Dr. Fauci says: “There will be some INCONVENIENCES!”  Now there is real compassion. 

Criminals are released from prison to avoid COVID 19.  Aren’t they already “socially distanced?” Just issue those fool-proof masks and leave them locked up!  The prisons are “so dangerous,” but it’s OK to threaten Christian ministers with 6 months in those same prisons, and $1000 fines for holding church services in a park! 

Dr. Fauci says you must social distance, wear your mask, and wash your hands often.  Avoid large gatherings (Komrad Newsom had limits of ten) at family gatherings, a day at the beach, weddings, funerals, etc.  However, hundreds of “protesters” are cleared, “just forget those irritating requirements.”

Supposedly, at the bottom of all this chaos is the “Arch Devil” Pres. Trump!  He is responsible for EVERYTHING bad!  He will probably be blamed for the coming flu season, and has somehow caused the lightning fires!

Well, after considering all the above, it couldn’t possibly be political, could it?

And, yes I wear a mask, etc, etc.


Larry “Dude” Green, 

Yuba City

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