Dr. Reveles starts by stating, “... School board meetings have become flash points for open conflict, including personal threats aimed at school officials.” End quote. He fails to point out that the perpetrators of these uncivil and violent outburst are the very people he seeks to support in his piece. (The minority Anti-Mandate/Vax/Mask crowd.) One must assume he is OK with the status-quo of school board meetings and views it as a righteous effort.

He then reinforces this so there is no misunderstanding. Quote: “To be clear, I strongly believe parents have the ultimate, and God given right to decide what is best for their children, for their families.” End quote. This of course is a two edged sword. You can opt for a GOOD choice which protects or, a BAD which leaves the family open to dire results. And, just as importantly entails the high probability of affecting those outside the family circle. If one person’s choice infringes unduly on another person’s health and welfare it cannot be condoned. If a person chooses not to get vaccinated then a mandate would appear to be quite reasonable. The “HERD” must be protected. This is a law of nature which usurps all the laws of man.

He then begins his attack on the medical and scientific communities. He uses the example of a mother who supposedly said, “All the changes and contradictions in the COVID guidelines have caused me to not believe anything.” End quote. He calls this the “Crises of Confidence.” Since this pandemic started two years ago the guidance has been consistent; wear a mask; social distance; avoid crowded venues; wash your hands often; and when it became available, get vaccinated. Nobody in the medical or scientific communities stuttered in the least. I personally became tired of hearing it over and over without end. It was and is the default position. When in doubt do these five things. This pandemic could have been reduced to a manageable level early on if only these precautions had been taken by all. (The asinine arrogance amazes.)

Dr. Reveles makes the case that scientist have been shown to be “... unwilling to accept data that doesn’t fit their own narrative or expectations.” He cites himself as a credible source for this information saying it is a “Foundational Fact” that he referenced in his doctorial research ...”  I don’t know how frequently this happens in the scientific community (Dr. Reveles doesn’t tell us. Is it rampant or infrequent?) but I know it is ingrained in our psyche as humans. My experience tells me that we form our beliefs then back up until we can find outside support. It doesn’t have to be credible, just supportive. (Social media, FOX, or mainstream news outlets, etc.)

He now attempts some cover and camouflage, declaring his position as Superintendent of Schools requires his representing both sides of this issue. I do not believe his responsibility requires he represent a position that is in direct opposition of the health and wellbeing of students and staff. How does that even make any sense? He should be firmly behind all efforts to protect our children and, choices made that do not support that position be damned.

A rather longish and rambling discourse ensues where Dr. Reveles tries to convince you that State level government has their hands tied but have the power to change the laws that are hurting our children. (Why would anyone create a law to hurt children?!?) He decries the hypocrisy. He wants you to march on the capital in Sacramento and demand an end to draconian policies. He then espouses, it is our patriotic duty to bring about these changes. How reminiscent these rousing words are of someone who urged protestors to go down Pennsylvania Avenue to the capital and overturn the election results. Is it the responsibility of our Superintendent of Schools to incite political action or protest, especially in support of a loud threatening minority. I for one think not. (Have to check his job description.)


David Hudspeth

Yuba City

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