Re: Curfew


Regarding the article on 11/20/20, “Local legislators unhappy with Newsom’s new curfew orders.”  Assemblyman Gallagher states, “None of these orders matter unless Californians buy in and change their behavior.”  He also said “The better policy to this spike in cases is to call on all Californians to step up and make responsible choices to follow basic health guidelines to limit the spread without shackling our freedoms and the economy.”

I totally agree with Assemblyman Gallagher. But, I believe that has been asked of all Californians pretty much since the beginning of this pandemic.  I am not in favor of shutdowns or curfews. I feel terrible for the businesses that have to go through all of this.

It just seems to me that if all Californians had been following the basic guidelines that the health and science experts have been saying for so long that maybe we wouldn’t be in this situation again.


Gary Livengood,



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