Do you think skunks know they stink? To them, the odor is normal. Day in and day out, they smell the same thing. I make a comparison between Democrats and skunks: Do you think Democrats know their party is corrupt? Probably not, as everything is business as usual.

If Biden is able to steal the election and becomes the 46th President, how long will he survive before Kamala Harris ascends to the throne? I believe that is the Democrat plan and Biden will not complete his full 4-year term. The Democrat Party will find a way to get him out of office and Harris will become the next President and Nancy Pelosi, as Speaker of the House, will become the next vice president. Is that the America you want? I know I don’t, but it will happen if Biden gets in.

If the Democrat Party thought there was a chance for Harris/Pelosi to succeed, they would have made them the ticket! They knew it would not survive the electorate so they are using deceit to make it happen. Are you ready for a socialist USA?

Lies and deceit are nothing new in politics, especially in California. A few years ago we had a gas/diesel tax proposition on the ballot where the voters “allegedly” passed the measure. I cannot believe that the citizens felt they were making too much money and wanted to give more of their hard-earned dollars to the state. The only way the proposition passed was to use double-speak and confusing language so the citizens voting thought they were voting to keep the gas tax as it was. If you voted “yes,” it meant “no,” and vice a versa. In other words, the proposition was written in a manner that confused voters. That in and of itself should be a crime.

Propositions on any ballot should all be written in a clear and distinct manner, such as; “Should the state gas/diesel tax be raised?” Vote “yes” to raise the tax or “no” to keep it the same! This was not done because those politicians pushing the gas/diesel tax narrative knew it would not pass if it was written in clear and easily understood language.

If Biden gets in, welcome to the new election system provided to America by the Democrat Party. Lies and deceit will be the new normal.


Steven Lewis,

Live Oak

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