I live on the west side of Lincoln Road in the south side of Yuba City and I am concerned. Many years ago, or so my neighbors tell me, when the block I now live on was originally annexed into the city, they were promised services. At the time, everyone got water hook-ups. However, once the development down the road was put on ice, the money dried up and all those promises were put on hold – but as you can tell not forgotten.

On February 15, 2022, the City Council for Yuba City approved a request to annex the subdivision down the road (approx 300 acres) and move the final discussion to the entity known as the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO). This commission determines the jurisdictions within the county, cities, fire districts, etc. At the City meeting, the Council discussed the lack of public notification in the process, but the City administration felt that it was LAFCO that should be the one to notify the surrounding areas.

The corner on Bogue and Sanborn or the “Bains” annexation was already approved. The other half of the area is up for approval at the next LAFCO meeting on May 12 at 2pm (YC city hall). Regardless of the rules in the situation, the City could have notified the residents in order to get any concerns addressed prior to the final vote at LAFCO. Unfortunately, that did not happen. Since this is a City-initiated annexation, not one started by the residents, it would have been fitting to get notification from the City of the City Council meeting discussing this issue.

I personally approve of the annexation because we want to avoid any “keyholes” in our area and the question of who will improve the quality of our roads. However, the City has not expanded on what they expect to do with respect to extending services (like sewer and underground electricity) as well as improving the potholes. The City has been avoiding discussions with the public instead of being 100% transparent.

The time is now right for making good on those promises. And to my neighbors, please come to the meeting on May 12th and let your voices be heard before it is too late.


Heather Esemann,

Yuba City

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