I am a veteran of the United States military.  I am a brother-in-arms to people that have served this country since the birth of our nation.  While some of us were drafted into services, others answered a call to duty in the aftermath of some great national emergency, however, the great majority of us, me included, enlisted because we wanted to serve and to protect our fellow citizens from danger, near and far away. 

Today I am disgusted with our President and Commander in Chief.

When President Trump called the 1,800 Marines who lost their lives in the battle at Belleau Wood, “losers and suckers,” he was calling all of us military people “losers and suckers.”

As the Commander in Chief, President Trump is, by title and vote, the leader of our military and should have understood the great responsibility that he inherited with the job some four years ago, but sadly he hasn’t. 

As a military man, I have maintained my respect for the office of the presidency, even as I dislike the morals and actions of the man that sits in the oval office, and have kept quiet out of respect, though, no more.

I am tired of having our stature as a nation diminished with every lie that comes out of his mouth and every ill-conceived notion that he comes up with.

He might be the Commander In Chief, but he is not one of us.

From the days he sought to find deferments to avoid service in Vietnam, he showed his true colors.

The disrespect he shows our veterans that have gone on to serve in public service is beyond measure and should not be tolerated. 

This November 3rd, I intend to show my displeasure in a way that matters and show this man that when you mess with one military man, you mess with all of us.

Yours truly, a veteran and patriot.



Edwin Mateus,

Yuba City 

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