If and when past VP Joe Biden is inaugurated I will address him as President Biden out of respect for the office. However there will be consequences to his presidency. He and his VP choice will, along with the liberal-left house and senate, quickly push through, in my view, destructive legislation that will cripple the moral and ethical fabric of our nation. Here are a few of the platforms they wish to make law.

Take down the border fence and let all “immigrants,” including criminals or terrorists, cross over. Make abortion constitutional and tax-payer funded. Over 60 million potential citizens have already been aborted but no matter. Give back to Iran the Obama era funding that allowed Iran to go nuclear. By the way, Iran wishes to destroy both Israel and the US. Cozy up to the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) giving the CCP license to further infiltrate our technology and compromise our military integrity. By the way, the CCP, a gross human rights violator, is working to control any and all countries around the South China Sea. Cripple the first Amendment, our freedom of speech. The Cancel Culture, led by Google and major media like CNN, will have free license to destroy diversity of opinion and the free exercise of opposing views. Our legal system and the rule of law will be under great assault.

Leftist anarchists will be further encouraged to destroy small businesses. Unless these anarchist groups are corralled and sent packing, they will continue to be used by leftist mayors and governors to promote socialist-communist takeovers. Would the next president allow that?

Our religious freedoms will be under assault. On every one of our coins is written “In God We Trust.” Our Judeo-Christian heritage is and will be under great assault. Our motto, E Pluribus Unum, which translates as “From many, One,” will no longer speak of the diversities of our citizens. The leftists, including the incoming Biden administration, will likely force religious groups to compromise their defining values. Our bedrock Christianity, whether protestant or Catholic, will come under assault.

Whether the radical four, led by AOC, will be allowed to promote their un-American socialist-communist view is in question. Joe Biden has been described as a Centrist. If he actually was, he would not have picked Kamala Harris for his running mate. Kamala has been described has the most lib-left Senator and only received 2% of the votes in the run offs. In less than four years she will likely be our president. Heaven help us!




Art Fruhling,

Yuba City

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