I remember a time (pre-Trump) when candidates who when the results of the election were announced, were humbled if they won and dignified and gracious in defeat, knowing they were in it for the long haul and more opportunities would present themselves. Such terms as good citizenship and sportsmanship were in vogue. My sense is that this has, for the time being, gone by the wayside and I think we lessen our democracy for it being so. We seem to have lost the moral imperative to do the right thing that should guide us.

When two teams take the field and one says, “If we lose, it is because you guys cheated,” it diminishes and tarnishes the game beyond repair. There is value in losing with honor to rise and fight again. There is dishonor in being a bad vindictive loser as people who once respected you now doubt your ability to think rationally and thus your ability to lead. Or, if you buy into the losers point of view you are likewise diminished in my opinion. I have little respect for those who suffer the psychosis of election denial without a scintilla of justification. 

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