Election fraud is real and happened this year. I do not understand how if the United States has a recorded record of 133 million registered voters and President Trump received between 73/74 million votes leaving approximately 59 million votes for Biden ... how did Biden win? If not fraud on a huge scale then someone please explain. Fraud is rampant with the Democrats. All anyone has to do is look to the past presidencies of Obama, Clinton, and Bush.

On another note is the huge fraud perpetrated on the American people of the United States related to Covid-19. So many inconsistencies with the test showing many, many false positives and negatives. So sad that this is being used to bring our country down. I am not saying Covid isn’t real, but how can anyone justify letting millions of people die when it was proven over and over again hydrochloriquine/zpak saved so many people? Was the non-use related to the fact that President Trump brought to the news media the good it was doing? 

Then this week I read that the laboratory that makes the hydrochloriquine was damaged with a fire and would take months to restore it. If those of you that believe there is nothing happening in our country at a massive scale then I own oceanfront property in Arizona I will gladly sell you. God forbid Biden/Harris somehow take office, we will all be had. Socialism is not what I want to see here in our great country.


Lorna Bishop,

Yuba City

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