My grandson and his family moved to Texas. He got signed up for school. He got on the bus to go to school. The kids on the bus were all black. His skin is “white”. They tormented him. They teased him. They called him racist. They acted on all the things their adult parents are teaching them.

Apparently, if you are black you can say or do anything you want and nobody should object or find fault with any of your actions. Are we, or are we not, striving for equality? Martin Luther King said we should not be judged by the color of our skin but by the content of our character.

I didn’t see the news media screaming “foul” and demanding that this sort of action be stopped or corrected. I didn’t see any white folks marching down streets, demanding these brain washed little people stop, desist and apologize. Instead the school authorities said to just “let it go” and don’t say anything and it will just “go away”. Where is the justice? WHEN does equality start and with whom?

My grandson is being judged and harassed on the color of his skin. He is 9 years old and one quarter black, not a racist “white” kid!



Louise Dunn,


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