Regarding “Federal charges filed against man who killed 3” article in today’s (June 4) paper:

It is time to be loud and proud of our law officers and our California court system for doing their lawful work regarding “illegal aliens and their illegal actions” inside our California borders!

This Ismael Huazo-Jardinez invaded our state then carried out numerous illegal, and deadly activities while secretly living in-and-about our Sutter/Yuba area. Who knows what other deadly action he is responsible for in our country!

What we must do now, is to loudly support our court systems and our police/sheriff’s offices in their duty of enforcing the laws of this state and country … Especially when dealing with INVADERS of our United States who abuse our laws.

Our legal system and officers maintain our safety as citizens of the United States.

Therefore, I feel we must shout a long time coming thank you to all of our legal departments and their officers who work to enforce our laws.

I am very proud of you!


Vera D. Crabtree,


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