Our second grade class read the May 3rd article entitled, “Can the World Feed Itself?” 

The article told about a fertilizer shortage that will cause people problems. Food will be expensive. We may not have enough food. We may not have enough money for food. We may not have enough money for clothes or toys. We’re afraid we’ll have to move to a smaller house.

We are students at an environmental science charter school. Our class theme is “How can a community feed itself sustainably?”

We grow vegetables in our school garden. We learned that people can grow food without fertilizer.

1- We can make our own manure from cow and chicken poop.

2- We can plant cover crops, such as clover.

3- We can use vermicompost (squiggly worms!)

In our class, we are learning to plan ahead. Do you have a plan?


Mr. Emmolo’s Second Graders

Yuba Environmental Science Charter Academy

Oregon House


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