For years Franklin Road between Harding and George Washington Boulevard has been a busy thoroughfare. However, in years more recent, its residents and their pets have been subjected to unenforced excessive speed violators. No matter the outcry and numerous requests and emplacement of the YCPD speed radar trailer, nearly nobody acknowledges the 35 mph speed limit between El Margarita and George Washington.

Even after this area has been annexed into the City of Yuba City limits and jurisdiction, I have yet to observe anyone being stopped by local law enforcement for their blatant and cavalier disrespect for the clearly posted speed limit, as well as residents residing on this busy street segment.

I was made to believe that annexation, which imposes increased property taxes, was supposed to be a benefit to the area’s residents in the way of public safety. Anything but that have been my findings and I find it appalling.

I am pro-law enforcement, while being patient and understanding of their work load, but the lack of enforcement is and has been unacceptable. PLEASE HELP!!! 

Raymond Ramsey

Yuba City

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