Ruby Larson provided an excellent overview (August 8 edition) of the cost to nonprofits due to the loss of fundraiser and event revenue. Many of us involved in this world are feeling the pinch, make that the bite, in our inability to conduct business as usual. South Yuba County Rotary had to cancel its Trapshoot for the Cure. Marysville and Yuba City Rotary Clubs had to cancel their Sodbusters event and the annual crab feed, respectively. Collective losses are in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Then there is the creative community which is suffering equally. Although Yuba Sutter Arts & Culture is fortunate to have received PPP funding, an NEA CARES grant and an SBA loan, our loss of revenue due to event cancellations like Harvest the Arts and Art & Oysters, along with ticketed theater events, art gallery sales and deferred grant funding has been staggering.

Our sister arts organizations like The Acting Company has had to postpone main stage productions and it relies heavily on ticket sales. Its Magic Theater youth programs have been severely curtailed, although they are able to offer some masked, socially-distanced programs and events. Many other local youth and adult performing arts organizations including Rise Up! Performing Arts, Creative Flow Institute and Resonate Theater Company have all resorted to offering virtual programs. There will be no Yuba College Theater performances for the foreseeable future. The Theater Gallery on Plumas Street has been shuttered for months and fundraiser events at the adjacent Sutter Theater have all been cancelled.

YSAC is proud to have been able to offer some support to local working artists with mural commissions including the new murals at the Buddhist Church and inside River Valley Community Bank in Marysville and two new murals in Live Oak. We have also conducted two very successful online art auctions featuring the work of local artists. There is funding available for individual artists and arts organization and I encourage anyone working in this field to start by visiting the California Arts Council’s website: Sutter and Yuba County funding is available for nonprofits. You can also contact us at YSAC for other possible sources of support.

With all these groups having gone virtual along with the closure of our museums, the loss in terms of quality of life issues is also immeasurable. Ms. Larson mentioned many of the cancelled community events which, in addition to providing much needed funding for all of our wonderful nonprofits, creates a yearlong series of fun and entertaining occasions to get out and mingle, dance, eat and support our favorite causes, at least for those able to do so.

We will survive.



David Read,

South Yuba County Rotary Past President

Yuba Sutter Arts & Culture Executive Director 

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