I have just learned of the impending closure of Gauche Aquatic Park for five months of the year and I and my family are completely surprised and incredibly disappointed.

How does a decision like this get made without thought to the impact it has on the citizens that rely on it? Shouldn’t decisions that impact so many in our city be subject to community discussion? Why has this potential for closure never been brought to the public’s attention? Why were these decisions made without any community input? When I read of the closure, I researched the city listings of agendas of city council meetings and found no mention anywhere of the topic of the closure of GAP.

My children have been members of FRAC (Feather River Aquatic Club -- a local year-round competitive swim club for ages 5-18) for over seven years. Competitive swim has given them a sport and community that provides them the opportunity to continually better their skills, builds self esteem, and gives them a community of other athletes and families who share their goals.

My oldest FRAC team member is also a high school swimmer for Yuba City High who depends on GAP to train for her sport in the off-season. Additionally, she is employed at GAP as a lifeguard and swim instructor. This is just my family’s story about how important GAP, and FRAC’s operation within GAP, have been; but we are just one of many families. 

Countless families over the years have benefited from the services provided by FRAC through GAP. As one of the few year-round alternatives for child and adolescent sport, GAP is invaluable to the community. The abrupt announcement of the closure of this community facility is short sighted and was decided without input from the many community members who would be impacted most severely. Surely there are alternatives to this drastic action, and shouldn’t the options which cause the least harm be discussed before the adoption of such an extreme plan? 

Janel Silveira,

Yuba City

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