Shout out to Marysville Chief of Police, Chris Sachs for leading (Sunday’s) peaceful protest and walk.

This is a demonstration of leadership from a local official that our local black community has been waiting for since the tragedy of George Floyd.

When other local law enforcement officials stay silent, and don’t publicly condemn the actions of police officers elsewhere, the message this sends to our minority community is devastating.

While much of this may get lost, or not seem like a “local” issue, it very much is. Minorities, especially African Americans in our “local” community have the same perception of law enforcement that’s often portrayed, and demonstrated in the media.

While publicly there’s often statements about “community policing,” it doesn’t feel like the entire community has a voice.

Chris Sachs’ statement condemning the action of those Minneapolis police officers who murdered an innocent man, and the empathy he displayed for George Floyd’s family is the first step to building a stronger community, with all having a voice.


Jon Burton,

Yuba City

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