Poor Donald, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. First he was fired by 81m voters. Now even his neighbors at Mar-a-Lago don’t want him. Trump was tolerated for 4 yrs as president, but as ex-president he just isn’t worth the aggravation according to them. New York City doesn’t want him either other than to answer subpoenas, appear at depositions and be available for court appearances to answer for potential NY state charges of tax fraud, insurance fraud, bank fraud and even money laundering for Putin’s Russian oligarchs.

But perhaps most cruelly of all, SNL fired Trump as a comedic figure last weekend meaning no more Trump parodies by Alec Baldwin.

Lastly, after the Trump crowd turns out the lights in the White House for the last time on Jan 20, will someone please count the silverware.


Anne Wentland,

Yuba City

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