Re: Grand Jury


Having served on the Yuba County Grand Jury in the past, I make it a point each year to read the current Grand Jury Report.

I was particularly impressed with the great job that this current Grand Jury did. Most people do not realize that agreeing to serve on a County Grand Jury means dedicating an entire year to do the job.

Having read so many news stories about the poor conditions that other Grand Jury’s have found in their county jails, I was pleased to read that the Yuba County Grand Jury concluded their report by saying how they found the management and  staff to be “…..respectful and hardworking people that take pride in their work…...”

In addition to offering the inmates classes in anger management as well as alcoholics and narcotics anonymous they also offer general education development so inmates can achieve their GED.  

And what is most amazing is that it is one of the very few counties that has had zero cases of Covid 19 in the jail population.

So, thank you to the management and staff of the Yuba County Jail and to our Sheriff Wendell Anderson.



Douglas Binderup,


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