Re: Highway Expansion


Several concerned citizens of Marysville and District 10 have been holding meetings at Veteran’s Park to raise awareness of the devastating effects the Caltrans highway expansion plan will have on our neighborhoods. 

We have also explored revisiting the idea of a bypass. Many will say that we’ve been down that road already. However, a new plan that is both feasible and financially sensible allows us to consider a bypass with fresh eyes.

The proposal to widen all of route 70 from Oroville to Marysville to five lanes will exponentially increase the volume of traffic, including truck-traffic through our town. As traffic congestion is allowed to increase, air quality will decrease, and highway traffic will be free to spill into our city streets and neighborhoods to get through town. This is all meeting with the approval of our mayor and city council. 

All three of our mayoral candidates are aware of this grass-roots effort to stop this soul-sucking assault on our town. At least one of them has shown sympathy with our cause. But he and the other two have not attended these meetings or acknowledged our concerns. You are asking to represent us and make decisions that increase the value of life in Marysville. CalTrans’ plan threatens our quality of life. We’re asking that you hear us.


Thomas Galvin,


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