Sutter County Sheriff’s Department was down here at the homeless camp harassing homeless people and taking their vehicles that we live in without probable cause or justification. Their justification for this actually was ... “because they can.”

They also stated that “they” let us live down here, isn’t that good enough?  I’m a paying citizen of this community my tax dollars pay their wages. They work for me, you and everybody else in this community. How is it that somebody who works for me can come take my vehicle that I live in, harasses, talk down to us, and still be employed with our Sutter County sheriff?

We’re not bad people down here, we just don’t have a home. If you can find a home for me to rent I would gladly rent it, but how are we supposed to get back up when our officers beat us back down? I don’t know where I’m going to sleep tonight. I wasn’t driving my car, I wasn’t in my car, but he decided he just wanted to take it because he can. How is that legal? How is that right?

My car was smogged around July but I only bought it three days ago with my paycheck that I work for. ... There’s a minivan not 20 ft from me. It had no tires, busted up windows, and beat down to the ground. It’s an eyesore but they didn’t tow away that vehicle. ...

How are the homeless people who are doing good and are trying to get out of here and aren’t on drugs, get a leg up around here when these officers profile us. I’m not on probation. I’m not on parole. What do we do as citizens? Are we not a part of this community as well? I pay my taxes. I work a job now.

I have no place to sleep tonight and if I get no sleep, I can’t go to work. How will I be able to work and stay up all night? They went from camp to camp taking vehicles that were worth money. ...

... Officers should be held accountable for actions. They  should not take people’s homes from them whether it be a car, a trailer a bus or a card board box. ...

... He said that it hadn’t been messed with in six months. Not true it was just smogged in July yet that rule don’t matter once it’s proven that he was wrong.... We’re citizens and people of this city and of this world under God. ... He said the good news was I at least can get my stuff out of it. How nice of him let me clean it up to sell. I beg you to help us. ... I also pointed out as I cried that my mother and step father have medical appointments that the car was bought for them to make. Mom is elderly, step dad’s disabled and there was no concern. He said its not his problem.

Daniel Barnes,

Yuba City 

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