Why is either a roundabout or traffic lights even being considered for this intersection? Hwy 99 is a major highway, not a city street. Money should not be an issue, surely that’s why we have the most expensive road fuel in the US and the reason that boondoggle SB1 was passed. Regarding the roundabout option, does the County realize how much real estate that will take? Unless CalTrans wants us to put up with major traffic jams a roundabout would need to be two lanes wide and a diameter large enough for semi trucks with 53’ trailers to safely negotiate. I know a little about roundabouts on major roads. Before relocating to the US I drove semi trucks for 14 years in the UK and Europe. One major problem with roundabouts is that at times of heavy traffic it’s virtually impossible to easily merge into the roundabout with a large slower vehicle. This leads to truck & bus drivers forcing their way into the roundabout. This of course leads to frustrations for all. Just do the job right and build a grade separated interchange!


Peter Langdon,

Loma Rica

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