Regarding Judge Emmet Sullivan’s overturning of illegal asylum rulings article in the paper dated Dec. 20. 

President Trump had set a ruling for people invading our United States illegally would be held and forced to return to Mexico. Now that law was reversed by Judge Emmet Sullivan making it “OK” to invade this country.

I am in opposition of Judge Sullivan’s actions against our president’s rulings:

What makes Judge Sullivan think his decision is good for our country? What do we know of these invaders? Are they in good standings from where they originated? Are they criminals trying to escape from their police? Do we know if they are disease ridden? 

I pay government taxes. I oppose these taxes going to support illegal aliens.

I am not in favor of allowing invaders to cross our borders. Therefore, I believe the idea of building a wall is a weak possibility of preventing illegal invasions. 

I want our southern border guarded by our armed military. If an illegal crossing should happen, then our military would have the orders to take action on sight of illegal crossings. Problem solved.

It is not difficult to apply to our border authorities to earn legal entry. Give it a try and let me welcome you to the United States.  

Vera Crabtree


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