Mr. Fruhling asks "What do you think?" I think he is trying to draw parallels where none exist. By inference we are expected to revolt against our government for circumstances that in no way are comparable to those that existed at the start of the Revolutionary War. One can only assume he viewed the events of January 6th as a righteous endeavor. According to him we must return to our patriotic roots and rise up against those seeking to oppress us. Where is the parallel to taxation without representation? Where is the military occupation? Mr. Fruling over reaches and seeks to inflame where the proper application of governing processes would bring about the changes he desires. This assumes he can persuade a majority of Americans to his perspective. (Except for the extreme right I don't believe reasonable adults are going to buy into it?)

I am always struck by the lack of specifics and supporting facts by persons of Mr. Furhling's ilk. He claims our individual rights are being taken away. Is someone quartering soldiers in your home without your permission; attacking your church, private property or preventing you from assembling? I so seldom see folks like Mr. Fruhling complaining about the right to Equal Justice under the Law? No, Mr. Fruhling is concerned about his right to Bear Arms, infringement of his right to Free Speech, and the biggest one of all to do what he pleases, when he pleases, with his "Unfettered Liberties". (Just leave me alone.)

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