Re: Krouse-Taylor Termination


After reading Jake Abbott’s interview of Marsha Krouse-Taylor in your paper on 9/26/20, I became angry. This article gave me the information lacking in an earlier article from 9/10/20 concerning Ms. Krouse-Taylor’s departure from Casa de Esperanza. She had been with Casa for 40 years and with no explanation for her departure, it left me wondering....

Immediately after reading the 9/10/20 article I reflected on how I knew Ms. Krouse-Taylor; from my professional experience and as a member of this community since 1981. I am now retired, however, pre-retirement I intersected with Ms. Krouse-Taylor periodically at meetings I attended the last 14 years of my employment. Ms. Krouse-Taylor attended some of the same meetings I attended; she as the representative of our local women’s shelter (Casa de Esperanza) and I as a resource and referral support for families having children with special needs ages 0-5 living in Yuba County.

At these meetings we shared about the services/resources we each provided. Several times Ms. Krouse-Taylor was the presenter sharing information about Casa educating those of us around the table about the domestic violence cycle and the impact it has on all of us. Her understanding of the depth of the psychological control of the DV cycle, her passion, her ability to share the needed information and ways to support women, men and children is powerful. Some families I intersected with through my work benefited from information gleaned through Ms. Krouse-Taylor’s presentations. 

The article from 9/26/20 I referenced at the beginning of my letter that leaves me feeling angry is why I am writing this letter to the editor. Under the last portion of Jake’s interview entitled “Termination” I learned about Marsha Krouse-Taylor’s departure from Casa. I learned from Ms. Krouse-Taylor her side and after I worked past my initial anger I moved to sadness. It’s the kind of sadness that accompanies grief. I feel grief stricken at the way Ms. Krouse-Taylor was treated. I guess I thought the Board of Directors of Casa de Esperanza would try and practice what they preach like Ms. Krouse-Taylor stated in the article: “Casa has always stood for justice, fairness and for helping people to be the best they can be, and when you’re terminated at will with absolutely no way to challenge that termination, when you’re not even given a performance evaluation, then there’s nothing just about that. When you can wash away 40 years of work in a matter of 15 minutes, then there’s something really wrong.”

I agree with Ms. Krouse-Taylor. I am very disappointed that the board did not give Ms. Krouse-Taylor the respect she so rightly deserves after 40 years of service to our community. I am not only saddened from the way Ms. Krouse-Taylor was treated but also because this board of directors is in control of a very important service in our community.


Alicia Hrico,


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