Poor Billy Cooper of Yuba City and poor President Trump of Washington, D.C. These guys are adults, and, yet, they still don’t know their left from their right.

Anarchists, the people blamed for doing the violent rioting, are on the extreme right, not on the extreme left. Anarchists don’t believe in any government whatsoever – more like Ronald Reagan than FDR.

Actually, all this name calling and finger pointing is just election year jive. Republicans always try to scare the people during elections –remember Willy Horton?

Truth be known, I don’t know anyone, Republican or Democrat, who believes rioting, burning and looting are good ideas. I suspect that the rioters may really just be opportunists, not really anarchists. Besides, today’s riots are little kid riots when compared to 1968.




Charles Scarfe,

Yuba City 

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