Do what I say, not as I do. It is okay for me, but not for you. The mantra uttered by the left. To control deplorables they pass insane laws to control us. The intelligentsia, the elite, the liberal believe we are too stupid, incapable of taking care of ourselves, ignoring the fact that we have been taking care of ourselves for over 200 years. How condescending they are. They are a disgrace.

It was clear to the founding fathers; the first two amendments to the constitution were created to prevent despots, like King George, from power. A free press to keep us informed of current events, the second amendment to keep government in check and for self-defense. The press should report, not create, nor manipulate the news. The judicial, legislative, and executive branches of government make up our checks and balances of government, the fourth check, gun ownership. Control of the press and gun ownership are the first things despots do when subverting a society. Without these inalienable rights you are another sharecropper, a medieval serf. Was the world a less violent place before gun powder? NO. Man would find a stick, sharpen it, and settle disagreements, disputes. Self-preservation is in our DNA. What is the first thing a 10-year-old does when he finds a stick, he starts poking his mates. No left-wing government is going to legislate an end to human nature. Liberals, quit lying, interfering, and destroying our freedoms, we are not idiots; we are watching you.


Frank Hamrah,

Yuba City


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