It was on May 21, 1976, the day the YCHS Choir bus accident occurred.

When I was told of the horrible crash I learned our daughter Christy and best friend Pam Engstrom had ridden on the bus, not in Mr. Estabrook’s car as originally planned. I was panicked, and contacted my husband. While preparing to drive to Martinez, the scene of the accident, our friend Dan Jacuzzi offered to fly us to Concord, near Martinez, in his small plane. He knew how distraught we were; I forgot to be afraid of flying in the small aircraft. Arriving in Concord, Jean (Jacuzzi’s) brother Allen had arrived with a car to use as long as we needed it. My cousin Alice provided a bed at their home. At the triage we found parents who were grieving, and learned other parents had gone to various hospitals in the region to be with their beloved children. We found Christy in the VA hospital, bruised and broken, like so many others, but alive. Pam had not survived. Twenty-eight lives were lost that day plus Mr. Estabrooks’ wife, Christina. 

These three unselfish people had gone out of their way to make the tragic situation easier for us through their generosity during a very emotional time. 



Joan Young,

Yuba City

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