Re: Marysville manager


The good ol’ boys of Marysville have again created a circus in the halls of City Hall.

Hidden agendas, lack of transparency, political expediency have all been part of the firing of the city manager, Marti Brown, and the real victim of the inept bumbling turns out to be the city of Marysville.

Mayor Samayoa “wanted to protect city staff” though apparently the decision had been made months ago to not renew the city manager’s contract. If city staff needed to be protected was there any attempt by anyone to mitigate or resolve the problems? Or was the mayor and his cronies listening to gossip and innuendo and using it to bolster their own agendas?

It was unknown to one council member that there was any problem at all and another member lauded Brown for “putting Marysville back on financial track” then voted to terminate her and followed up his vote by saying “we made a terrible mistake.”

It is disheartening to see all the ways local politicians protect their turf, say one thing and mean another, tell different “facts” to different constituents, never admit to mistakes and shade the truth. Honesty seems in short supply.

Marysville has always been known for shooting itself in the foot and the current council has perpetuated this.

Bill Simmons says he hopes they can find a retired city manager to fill in as an interim manager while they search for another. Retired city administrators have not worked out well in Marysville in the past, bringing old tired methods with them as they add to their retirement benefits. Better to be wrestling with the question editor Steve Miller posed: Is the Council willing to accept ideas and suggestions from a city manager or do they want to do it all themselves?

So long Marti, we hardly knew ye.


Roberta and Roland D’Arcy

Browns Valley

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