I am honestly getting appalled by how some people in this area refuse to mask up in public nor local businesses to demand such things to patronize their business. I heard on KUBA that a woman got cited during a council meeting for not wearing a mask and refused to. It is absolutely ridiculous to demand it one moment when it affects the government officials yet down on the street level they could care less. Fact of the matter is this is real and there are countries in the world still suffering from this way worse than we ever have. I feel that people who refuse to do anything to do their part should be cited anywhere at anytime based on not having it on. If they refuse and refuse in front of a person asking them at the front of a business and if a peace officer gets involved and they still refuse they should be put in a paddy wagon and drug off to a holding cell and explain to the judge why they feel that way and be dealt with accordingly. But yet how will that work when some have no respect for the law either. We must have some form of regulations in our area to deal with this. As well as punishment based on this sort of offense not to mention if it is proven that because they passed it and someone died form their lack of responsibility, the offender absolutely be charged with manslaughter based off their ignorance which I feel, based off their refusal, is arbitrary mass murder. It seems that people who refuse this are so self centered when they make the claim that their rights are being violated. Well what about the rights of the people who die from this when it is passed in such a way! I think someone should stand up and demand there be change in this matter. But they don’t care so long as they are not the ones coughed on.


Sherwood Daniel,


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