Re: Mass shootings

We should be a Nation in mourning today, but we are not. We’ve grown accustomed to the news of one mass killing spree after another.

My senses are dulled, my pain almost nonexistent, and my anger will quickly dissipate, but I should be in mourning.

It will be easy to blame Trump for this latest rash of killings, but this would be a mistake. I seem to remember President Obama during his tenure, standing at a podium, killing after killing, trying to make sense of it all and almost falling mute in despair.

These mass murders are not new and they won’t stop with this President nor the next. What started as a wave of killings has now become a Tsunami of hate.

I would be naive to think one political party versus the other would be better at dealing with this epidemic of anger and disillusion. They won’t be. But we, as individuals, can make a difference.

We elected people to represent our interest to Congress, to the Senate and to the Presidency. Call, text, e-mail or do it any other way you may find it acceptable, but contact them and demand change on your behalf.

Change must come, before our souls withers away.

Edwin Mateus,

Yuba City 

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