As we find ourselves once again in the middle of a drought California residents are being asked to conserve water by reducing our individual usage. I wonder if our neighbors involved in rice and almond farming are being asked to cut back on their usage as well? Perhaps the 921 golf courses in the Golden State will be asked not to keep their greens lush and verdant in 111 degree heat? I believe as a society we suffer from perpetually misplaced outrage: instead of being angry at corporate tax dodgers and a system that is set up to protect big money interests at the expense of We the People, we dutifully turn our ire towards welfare recipients and the poor (way to punch down, everyone!). Might I suggest we all come together and collectively rage against a worthy adversary? The Nestle Corporation for years has been thieving water from the San Bernardino National Forest and then selling it back to us under the “Arrowhead” brand? Their permit to do so expired years and years ago, yet still they bottle and sell our water while we are asked to replace our lawns with xeriscape and shower every other day. I encourage everyone to pester James Gallagher, Jim Nielsen, John Garamendi, the Department of Water Resources, and people at every level of the state government to help end Nestle’s brazen theft of our water in the name of Almighty Commerce (hallowed be thy name). I’d feel a lot less disappointed watching my landscape slowly die if I knew that at least Nestle wasn’t raking in obscene profits by robbing my state of fresh drinking water. If you have to purchase bottled water, consider buying another brand. Dasani might very well just be filtered tap water (brilliant idea, Coca Cola!), but at least they pay for the water they’re selling.


David Bole, 

Browns Valley

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