Should Marysville Joint Unified School District get a waiver from Dr. Lu? No.

MJUSD Superintendent Gary Cena is deceiving the Board of Trustees, the parents, the community and is trying to deceive the teachers. We see what’s happening; we aren’t deceived.

Mr. Cena has surveyed parents asking if they want their children to continue distance learning or to return to the classroom. This survey implies that a return to the classroom will be a normal return. It neglects to inform parents that their children will only attend two days per week and continue distance learning on the other three days, that there will not be school bus transportation, that their children could be assigned to different cohorts that attend on different days from each other, or that the school day will be a shortened day. The results of the survey will be deceptive to the trustees.

The waiver process requires specific Elementary School Opening Plans developed in consultation with the community and staff. It’s not been done in good faith when the input is ignored and the questions are deceptive.

Teachers have suggested in-person instruction plans, but Mr. Cena has refused to collaborate and instead pays an attorney to say, “No.”

I have every confidence that Mr. Cena knows how to fill in a blank on a waiver application. I can only hope that Dr. Lu will consider the veracity of the final product.



Erika Schlussler,


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