One does not need to read the entire Mueller report to smell a Russian rat. 

Just skim through Volume I, sections 1, 2, & 3. Read about the measures Russia took on the internet, and the hacking they did. On page 149, a person, whose name is redacted, wrote, “Putin has won” the day after the election in 2016. Further, page 2 of the second volume states there is no conclusion that the President committed a crime, but also says it “does not exonerate him.”

For those who have difficulty seeing any objective evaluation of the President, I ask that, just for this next part, consider what you would think if it were applied to President Obama. What if he verbally attacked those who cooperated with an investigation and praised those who declined to do so? What if he sought to remove a special counsel, asked an AG to limit the scope of an investigation, or kept us from knowing of a Russian meeting with his campaign officials? (This data is from Volume II). Further, what if he actively “suggested” that people not pay attention to subpoenas?

I perceive one big point from the report. The Russian Rodent needs to be made to believe by the President, who seems to ignore the importance of this issue, that we will not tolerate messing with our nation in any way, shape, or form!

Also, from what has happened subsequent to the report’s release, and perhaps more importantly, Article II of our Constitution is clear in that no branch of government can impede another from performing its “constitutional duties.”

There are those out there who do not understand that there are many of us who are truly fearful of what this President is doing, and this is not based on hate, or purely political differences, but a true concern for the future of our democratic processes.

To that point: what do you think would happen if you, reader, ignored a subpoena from Congress? Doesn’t the honest answer to that imply that our justice system is being called into question, that some of the animals are more equal than others? Consider also that the current AG is now investigating the FBI – this means that the justice department is doubting the accountability of part of the justice department! As a famous alligator once said, “We have found the enemy, and they is us!”

I pray reason will overcome emotion.

Bob Bush

Yuba City

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