There is a new mural at the Marysville Buddhist Church (see Appeal, July 16, 2020).  Per the director of the Yuba Sutter Arts and Culture, it is there to complement the Buddhist  Obon Festival.  The mural does not have an Obon festive theme but of a farm.

 To further describe the mural, it was painted by (sic) “…an artist known for depicting Asian women and large-scale floral motifs” and that is what it features: an Asian woman and large flowers.  The farm is the background. Since the project was funded by a program to help document the Japanese American experience during World War II, and farms were basically our economy, the farm should be featured.

 I am a Nisei – a second generation Japanese American. The farm depicted in the mural is not reminiscent of the typical small truck farms of the pre-WWII period. It doesn’t reflect the sweaty back breaking labor. I feel highly offended by the mural being titled “History of Japanese Americans.”  That mural definitely does not reflect my history. 



Fred Kawashima,

Yuba City 

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