News should be fact based, not news where facts are omitted, fabricated, exaggerated, or biased. Fake, pseudo or counterfeit news is just “yellow journalism.” Journalists are not supposed to interject their opinions; just the facts please. Opinions belong in the “Letters to the Editor” column. Most so called journalists never attended a school of journalism. Hey journalists, write what you do best, FICTION. Remember, a good lie is one that contains just enough truth to make it sound credible, like telling a good joke. Anyone can claim to be a journalist, look at the clowns working for MSNBC, ABC, NBC, and the N.Y. Times. Many years ago, I took a class, “The Legal Aspects of Journalism”. My instructor, as I recall, was a journalist and lawyer, who explained when he presented a story to his editor, he was required to have three, verifiable sources. Only then would he consider it fit to print. That standard no longer exists. My instructor covered slander and libel and their differences. He explained the best defense against charges of slander or libel was the truth. You want to get truth back in reporting, start suing the editors, the owners of media platforms and the charlatans writing pseudo news, slandering, and libeling anyone with whom they disagree. Some of my letters to the editor have been published. I am now a journalist. I can fabricate, lie, or omit anything and never be held responsible or need to identify my sources, if indeed they exist.



Frank Hamrah,

Yuba City

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