The "Appeal" reporting staff should be commended for their articles on local issues. Their efforts are recognized and appreciated. Thank you. Reporting on state, national and international issues leave something to be desired. Since Mr. Summa has become editor, objectivity is almost nonexistent. One of the first decisions was to cancel Dan Walters' column. He is a well respected journalist on California issues and has been for decades. He is missed. Hoping for his swift return. Current articles and especially the editorial page are n0thing more than left ideology. Example: "New York Times", "Sacramento Bee", "Los Angeles Times", :Bloomberg News", and others are published frequently. It would be nice to see other newspaper articles in the "Appeal" to give a more varied and different viewpoint on the various news subjects. It is impossible to discern fact from fiction when only seeing one side of the equation. There are other news organizations like the "Wall Street Journal", "Washington Times", "The Epoch Times" and others that could give you a different perspective on these various issues. The truth should never frighten anyone. It's the unknowing the truth that should frighten all of us. We as clear thinking people can use common sense and logic to determine the truth. We have to know both sides of the equation for this determination. Let's hope the "Appeal" will now give us that opportunity to decide what is truth and what is fiction. There is a saying (adage) "Do not believe everything you hear and only half of what you see". This will guide you in asking questions to find the truth. Remember, always follow the "money and power". That will guide you as to right, wrong, truth or fiction.

John Rains

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