A column printed in the Appeal-Democrat, January 27, 2022, by Hannah Holzer from the Sacramento Bee, espouses extremely progressive views based on delusional precepts.  The author declares that by “entertaining fringe beliefs” of Hillsdale College, that the Placer County Board of Supervisors is encouraging and intensifying “political and cultural conflict”.  Realistically, Holzer’s visions of social justice by emphasizing distinctions of race and ethnicity is actually contrasted by Hilldale’s concepts of unification of people and resisting compromise of human rights.  Holzer’s messages are the fundamental bases of racism by accentuating variety of human characteristics, skin color, etc!  She apparently has not read or understood the publications put out by Hillsdale College.  

Hilldale College is representative of conservative thought, no doubt.  If one wants to identify fringe adherents, the Left and its very pervasive matriculation has made a mad dash to the far reaches of political cosmos.  Liberals ruminate in apology of injustice and inequity by exaggerating diversity for purposes of victimization.  The Left fails to understand that inclusion is accommodation without diversity.  Without victims, imagined or realized, Democrats have few causes and limited following.  Historically, our Nation has faced many political and social issues that have evolved thousands of years.  Society deals with many problems, some more successfully than others and face an abundance that have not yet been recognized.  Our present course, driven by Progressives is not improvement or progress.

Democrats enjoy adding Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to their list of adherents yet regrettably fail to follow the tenets of his “Dream”:  “…they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character”.  Liberals are entrenched in minority victimization and are led by those who may not even want solutions but to propagate endless dispute.  Ideals that do not fit Progressive dogma are deemed racist, misogynist, and more, and are claimed to be fueled by nothing but conspiracy theory.  Conservatism has not moved to the Right, Liberalism in America is moving Left at a rapid rate.


Dale H. Henderson,

Yuba City

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