As of midnight last night, PG&E has been discharged off of felony probation for the San Bruno explosion where 8 died, 60 were injured. In what world does this even sound right? PG&E has killed over 100 people since being put on probation from all the fires that its equipment started.

Anyone else would've been deemed a career criminal. Even the judge was mad over the federal prosecutors not keeping PG&E on probation.

How is this justice? The California public utility commission is supposed to be the state watchdog over PG&E, so they are not doing their job and Governor Newsom has made it easier for PG&E to operate with impunity.

Now PG&E is restructuring its rates again. How much you pay for power is now decided on what time of day you use it. What happened to paying one price for power? It’s a no-win for PG&E customers.


James A. Thornton


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