keep seeing people leaving the bars near my apartment, acting for all the world as though there isn’t a pandemic raging within our own community. And I just want to scream at them.

My entire family tested positive for Covid-19 due to the lax restrictions at my father’s place of employment. His coworkers came in sick, repeatedly. And they stayed open despite several employees on his shift testing positive. And I don’t blame those employees. They need to make a living and they can’t control the terrible practices of their employer. But in a way, I do blame the community at large.

I see so many people refusing to wear a mask. Refusing to believe reality. Forcing essential workers into dangerous situations due to their lack of care for other human beings. My mom is currently in the ICU. Not due to anything she did wrong. My family was so incredibly cautious from the start. I made sure of it. Because I wanted to avoid this very terrible situation. But it takes a community effort to keep people safe and the community let my family down.

I continue to watch people leave the bars around my apartment, no masks, acting for all the world like there’s nothing going on. And I just want to scream. Because my family is suffering so much because of people like this and it just makes me so angry as an American.

We like to cling to the American pride of coming together when times are tough. We talk a lot about the national efforts during the World Wars. And yet when push comes to shove and we all need to sacrifice for the greater good, we’re just unwilling to do something as simple as wearing a mask and staying home until things are safe. That’s not something to be proud of. We are failing each other and people are dying because of it.


Samantha Higgins,


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