In our democracy, it is essential to maintain relevance. One must be at the specified place at the appointed time, with the where-with-all to influence the action. To accomplish this in the body politic one must get elected. The Republican Party is currently in a self-destruct mode and in danger of losing all relevancy. As the situation now stands, former President Trump has declared his candidacy but the response has been lukewarm at best. The baggage he has amassed is unbelievable and any opposing candidate, whether Republican or Democrat, will have a field day ripping him apart. Yet he still somehow maintains a base of about 30 million who would vote for him regardless. The remaining 40 million Republicans are separating themselves from Mr. Trump and looking elsewhere. 

To say the upcoming Republican primary will be interesting is like the morbid fascination one might have in watching a massive crash on the interstate. Mr. Trump will have great difficulty in getting the Republicans to come together to support him. If he does, he will again lose in the general election. He has proven himself to be a loser in the last three election cycles. Folks like to back a winner and shy away from perpetual losers. If he loses the primary, he will more than likely take his ball (voters) and go home. What is left of the Republican Party will be hopelessly unable to mount a challenge to the Democrats and will probably, to even a greater extent, lose relevance by being unable to elect an adequate number of officials to be able to influence the action. They, along with Mr. Trump, will be irrelevant.

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