First I would like to thank Roberta Fletcher for defending the Constitution. I would also like to say to her that her party has bee hijacked by socialists, and that I hope that reasonable Democrats will put a stop to these fools that have taken control of a once great party.

The liberals have lost all reason in their effort to destroy President Trump. They have spent $40 million on the Mueller investigation, and now Jerry Nadler is spending more on their investigation. That money could have been used to help clean up the homeless problem especially here in California. And their time would be better spent working on the illegal immigration problem.

The lust for power makes some people insane I suppose. The Republicans can be just as nutty sometime. The remedy is not impeachment, we have elections that usually takes care of the problem. So to both sides stop the BS and get to work for the American people.

Billy M. Cooper,

Yuba City  

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