Opinions abound on the Forum pages – though, somewhat less so.

Thomas Elias and G. Michael Paine endlessly complain about the status of our current “semi-government” power suppliers (PG&E, etc.), and then plead the case for full-blown government meddling in the business – wow, even more of what they don’t appreciate!

Dan Walters, in the Feb. 12 Appeal, surmises that the benefit of replacing the current “biggies” with more “SMUDs,” citing their lower current rates in support of the idea. 

Apparently without any note of the big difference in distance between meters in power systems. Watching the power lines in cities and towns is a piece of cake compared to watching them out in the country and up in the mountains.

Bottom line is, until the government’s involvement is replaced with completive power sources, it can only get worse for power consumers.

Joe Karwal

Yuba City

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