Attention Assemblyman Gallagher and Senator Nielsen: I discovered from the California Secretary of State’s webpage on, that Sutter County uses Dominion Voting Systems equipment and software for our elections.

This system is now being proven to be highly corruptible by multiple players, including international manipulation, ergo it’s illegal. This system must be removed and replaced immediately by our elected officials to ensure the integrity of all our elections, past and future.

Attorney Sidney Powell has already stated that she has proof that there was fraud with the Dominion Voting machines in the California 2016 Primary election. I am sure if you dig a little deeper, you will find even more fraud since then. So, these machines need to be replaced ASAP.

This isn’t optional. And it doesn’t matter if you’re an Independent, a Democrat or a Republican, if you care about your vote being legal and accurately counted (and, optionally, if you’re disgusted and mad as hell like me), you need to act on this before any more elections.

Voting integrity matters! Free and fair elections are a critical cornerstone of our democratic republic. This is important. I am asking you as my representatives in the California Legislature to correct our voting system and restore election integrity to our elections.


James Seif,

Yuba City

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